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Titles, Brand Splits, and Newbies

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I have a few questions.

1. I like to try and get most if not all of my workers into the hall of immortals (does anyone else do this or is it essentially useless) and mainly focus on my older workers, but one of the main requirements is to hold a main event title of a national company. Now I like to use real world mods and so for WWE in 2008 there was the WWE championship and the world heavyweight championship, but also the ECW championship which I would consider a minor brand so would that count towards it or no. And they would be Main Event Title, Intercontinental and US would be Midcard, but what is low level like European and Hardcore.

2. I have NXT to bring people up to the main roster but I don't want to risk putting them into a storyline when they can't deliver the same amount of effort as the other guy. So I'm considering making a minor brand like heat or something so if I want to do something like the shield I don't run the risk of knowing dean botches every move or roman does drugs but hasn't been caught or Seth hasn't improved his skills as much as I thought he has because he may be good at NXT but that doesn't mean the same for the main roster. It hasn't happened yet but I don't know if I'm safe or risking it.

3. For Figureheads what age range should they stay around because even though John Cena is only 39 I am considering turning him heel and pushing Sami Zayn as he is 32 and I think he can be a good main focus but I am not sure what age range I should have the figurehead around because I am wanting to do someone in their 20s but I don't feel they deserve it. And how should I book Figureheads cause I feel it would be counterproductive to have them lose.

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