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SHould I buy the game?

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I have recently been playing TEW 2016, and have enjoyed it very much. I now plan on purchasing Fast Break Pro basketball 2013, but cant seem to find much information on it besides what Graydog has provided on there website. With that being said, I would appreciate if someone answered my questions as soon a possible so I can get right into it!

- In TEW 2016, you can change the wrestlers statistics with the in game editor after the game has started. Is there a similar feature in Fast Break Pro Basketball?

- In TEW 2016, the default roster is the C-Verse, and you must download any other databases you wish to use. In FBPB, do you have to download the real life rosters and draft classes, or do they come with the game.

- Since the game is from 2013, if it comes with the real rosters, does the game automatically come with 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 or do you have to download those in mods.

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