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1980 multiplayer dynasty

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1980 is one of my favorite time periods in wrestling. I was just wanting to reach out and see if anyone would be interested in doing a multiplayer dynasty with me once the mod is available. As of right now, I would be most interested to take Georgia Championship Wrestling and turn Tommy Rich into the megastar he was and make his career last a little longer on top than it did. Although, once it comes out I may change my mind based off the rosters at the time.


I think this could be a cool dynasty just for the fact that the readers could read about Georgia, Mid Atlantic, WWF, Memphis, etc. all at the same time. Also, if we are all NWA members, we would act as the NWA committee for who was champion of the World Title, and would require a voting system to get it passed just like real life. Plus, think of the supercards that would be possible with 4-5 groups at that time coming together for a Super Bowl of Wrestling? If anyone would be interested please comment on here or PM me.

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