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Few of your Top 100 Matches/Events etc?

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This would be geared more towards your user character, if you stuck predominantly with one promotion etc. Here are a few of mine:


NXT Wrestling (Custom Fed in C-Verse, Started at 0/0/$0

Top 100 Matches:

#1: The Architect def. Logan Diaz (Logan Wolfsbaine) (D)

#25: JOJI def. Christopher Ball and Sterling Whitlock (E+)

#50: Little Dragon, and Roundhouse Puppy Kickers* def. Lariat Kotou, Taylor Haize**, and The Inquisition*** (E+)

#75: Jet "The Viper" Williams**** def. Seth Black and Taylor Haize (E)

#100: The Miz def. Christopher Ball (E-)


* Tag Team with Anders Thunder (Swedish Superman in my game) and The Miz (UC: Made with RTG stats)

**Taylor Haize is another User Character I made and signed to my roster, also RTG rules.

***Samual The Accuser is a dumb name, He is The Inquisition. His goal is find the guys that need it and pay for their sins.

**** Jet Williams is Cobra. His bio says "The Snake Man"'s name is William Jetterson......I just changed Cobra's name to Jet Williams, with The Viper as his nickname. Also Seth Black is Seth Whitehead.


The Miz's Top 10 Matches

#1: The Miz def. Pumpkin Jack (D) - Alliance Title Borrow

#5: The Miz def. Cyclops (E+) - Alliance Title Borrow

#10: The Miz def. Masked Stranger (E+) - Alliance Title Borrow.


The Miz is one of my alliance champions. His top 10 matches feature 7 matches that aren't with my company.

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