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Okada vs Omega II & Breaking the ratings *Potential Spoilers*


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Hello, this is going to be a blunt intro.


So I watched Okada vs Omega II. I knew it was going to go long, and towards the 50 minute mark I started to guess they would do the time limit finish, which I am fine with. It builds up for a third match, in the sense of Okada only keeping his championship by a hair.


Neither man looked weak after the bell rung, and it was probably one of the greatest one-hour matches I have ever seen. I honestly went into this thinking Omega was walking out champion. But as the match drew on, I doubted myself. At 55 minutes I was shaking the TV, that's how good it was. The only other match that has done that to me this year is their first match.


I mainly decided to write here because Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer controversially gave the match 6.25 stars. Now I was sketchy with the 6 stars being given to their first match, I didn't know what to think. It sort of breaks the system. If you have a 5 start system, and give something 6 stars, it ultimately means it has broken the system. If I were Dave, I would have made some sort of award for the match. That way it is recognised as being one of the best matches ever, while not making a joke of the rating system he uses.


Personally I like Dave Meltzer and everything he does. However, I believe giving out 6 stars to matches kind of makes the rating a joke. That's my opinion on it.


Please be open to discussion as that is why I have posted this here.


(I am trying to get better at writing articles/pieces and I want to start writing about these kinds of things regularly here. I am thinking of PPV reviews and such, if you want to contribute, please PM me or comment here)

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I mean, ratings are subjective at the end of the day. One man's six star classic is another man's two star snorefest.


I've oft thought too many people put far too much stock in Meltzer's ratings. His rating is how he feels about a match, it should never be treated as gospel.

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