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June 1996 [Real World]: Breaking The Chains

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Breaking the Chains: June 1996

Download Current Beta: 0.2


This mod uses the mSp, or Mod Squad Pack, for images.


All pictures, except workers, should work with the mSp set. I can't edit worker pictures in my TEW copy -- but other than that, the mSp works fine. Many workers start with their correct pictures despite this.


I intend Breaking The Chains to provide players with a dynamic June 1996 playing experience. Beta 0.1 provides updated WWE and WWF Rosters. None of the major stories -- Austin winning King of the Ring and Hogan joining the NWO -- have begun, but the pieces are in place for them to occur.


This mod builds up Burning Hamsters excellent Dawn of Attitude data.


Beta 0.2:

Set "Smoking Gunns" Tag Team to Heel

Had more than two TV Shows taping on a single day -- fixed.

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<p>I want to give my audience insight into the mod creation process. </p><p> </p><p>

First, I intend to provide players with a scenario that accurately depicts the wrestling landscape in '96. Sometimes, I have moved up the real-life timeline to better simulate the current storylines. These include major players, like Roddy Piper, signing with WCW. Some workers who have non-compete clauses have been set to absent for several months. Jeff Jarrett, for instance, will be absent until his non-compete clause expires and he can sign with WCW in 1996. </p><p> </p><p>

Second, I want to create a mod that realistically simulates mid-90s wrestling. Most U.S. workers cannot work high-flying spot-based matches or work the hardcore style popularized by ECW. The major promotions were yet to embrace modern in-ring work in 1996. Second, I wanted to increase the difficulty to produce five-star matches. Few workers in the database can call matches in the ring. Most workers with great psychology have been wrestling for over a decade. This prevents players from running up unrealistic match scores in each event. </p><p> </p><p>

Third, I want to provide a scenario where players must utilize new features. For example, I decided to list USWA as a child company to the WWF, even if mod-makers usually prefer to establish a working agreement between both companies. WWF promoted Shawn Michaels to figurehead in mid-1996 in this database, while realistically he'd only been the figurehead since Wrestlemania 12. This allows players to use the developmental system and measure HBK's impact on merch in the starting data.</p>

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<p>Feel free to make suggestions or correct my mistakes. I may or may not use them. </p><p> </p><p>

I plan to release a beta sometime within the next few weeks that includes ECW. Sometime in the fall, I'll have a complete build -- I don't know much about Japan and other companies in this time period, so mostly I'll be altering Burning Hamster's data to fit my mod.</p><p> </p><p>

I will release along with the complete build an "alternate history" where Vince fires Michaels and HHH after the MSG Curtain Call.</p>

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