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New belt designs

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Hey, i posted the following on Facebook last night and I was told to post it here also, so I am wondering if anyone can help a bro out


So guys I'm looking for modern designs for WCW belts. If anyone can help out that would be amazing. I'll list the titles below


WCW world heavyweight championship. Want it to represent big gold, but a little fresher


WCW world television championship. This one would be a free design for anyone, so create at your leisure


WCW tag team titles. Would love a 80s feel as that's what I want my tag division to be around.


WCW junior heavyweight championship. I would love this to be styled like a mix of the light heavyweight and cruiserweight championships, but a thick strap rather than the slim IWGP equivalent


WCW women's championship. Complete free reign as the women's title in WCW wasn't exactky the greatest and it's lineage wasn't the best. I want this to represent women's wrestling being the future of wrestling.


If anyone can help or point me in the right direction I will be forever grateful

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