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Title Belt Designs

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It seems to me that there is not currently anyone who is actively creating belt designs so I posted here. Sorry if I am wrong. In my game I am kicking around the idea of creating some new titles with a story line merger between WCW and WWF coming to a head. The new company name I am liking most is "The Wrestling Council" with three brands, "Raw", "Nitro", and an unnamed third brand... Maybe "Impact" anyway... The titles I am hoping to create will be named after their show or wrestling legends from yesteryear. So Nitro Championship, Raw Championship, etc. OR the Gotch Championship, Sammartino Championship, Hackenschmidt Championship.


If anyone would be able to try these or point me in the right direction of some that are already created I would appreciate it tons! I figure I Raw and Nitro title might already be out there but without downloading and checking everyone, I was not sure the best way to search for it. Thanks again everyone!

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