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WWE 2017 Fallout Dynasty

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WWE Dynasty by Adam and Joe from The Wrestling Fallout Podcast.


Hi guys :D Joe and Myself are doing a TEW dynasty with the WWE. I'm managing Raw and Joe Smackdown. This is our first save and first dynasty together so I hope you can enjoy it but be patient at the same time :)


We are starting it the Raw after Great Balls Of Fire the results were as follows.


Pre Show

Nia Jax & Emma Def. Bayley & Dana Brooke

Apollo Crews W/ Titus Def. Bo Dallas

Neville Def. Tozawa to retain the Cruiserweight Championship


Main Show

We open the show with Michael Cole and Corey Graves hyping up the planned matches for the evening.


Cass Def. Enzo Amore

Cass dominates Enzo from the off and taunts him using Enzo's catchphrases. After 5 minutes of rag dolling him around Cass decides to leave but as he gets halfway up the ramp .. Enzo hits the mic and taunts Cass by saying "Is that all you got? You must be S-A-W-F-T". Cass is livid and makes his way backdown the ramp to beat on Amore some more before hitting the East River Crossing for the win.


Backstage Happenings

We see a shot of Roman Reigns getting ready.

We get an interview where Sheamus and Cesaro boast about how they have been training especially hard to bring the pain to the Hardys.


Alexa Bliss Def. Sasha Banks to retain the Raw Womens Championship

Alexa makes a quick start to the match forcing Sasha out of the ring consistently. Sasha can not gain any momentum. Sasha hits a running knee strike from out of no where and begins to control. Nia Jax makes her way down to the ring and distracts Sasha to allow Alexa to hit her Sparkle Splash and get the win


Finn Balor Def. Elias Samson

Elias Samson starts by singing a song about the death of demons but before he can get to his "wicked good chorus" Balor's music hits and he dominates Samson not allowing any offence from The Drifter at all. Hits the Coup De Grace and wins

After the match Balor hits the mic and says he is coming for his Universal Championship.


Backstage Happenings

Dean Ambrose tells the audience he is guaranteeing a win in his match against The Miz

Samoa Joe is lacing his boots


The Miz Def. Dean Ambrose to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Ambrose controls the action until Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel come down to cost Ambrose the match.


Seth Rollins Def. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt slows the pace right down and reuses to engage but Rollins forces him in the middle of the ring and speeds the action right up. Rollins controls it all and pulls off some great moves. The Crowd are into it and Rollins beats Wyatt after some Bray offence.


Roman Reigns Def. Braun Strowman in an ambulance match

Strowman attacks Reigns before his enterence finishes and beats him down. Putting him through a table in the process. He starts to drag Roman out towards the ambulance but Reigns hits him with a counter and beats Braun down with a chair. Strowman manages to force offence and they battle to the top of the ambulance... Strowman goes to slam Reigns off the vehicle but Reigns spears him off of it and into the ground. Both hurt... Reigns forces him into the ambulance and shuts both doors. Post match as Reigns celebrates a strange beeping noise plays and a tombstone appears on screen showing Reigns' name on it.


Sheamus and Cesaro Def. The Hardy Boys to retain their Raw Tag Team Championships in a 30 minute ironman match

Scoring 3 falls to 2 Matt Hardy refuses to break up the final pin fall as the Hardys fight post match in the ring as Shea-Saro celebrate.


Brock Lesnar Def. Samoa Joe to retain the Universal Championship

Joe starts strong controlling Lesnar and not allowing him to hit his big power suplexes. Joe snapmares Lesnar and Brock's trailing boot hits the referee, this allows Paul Heyman to hit Joe with a chair. Lesnar then gets control and hits multiple suplexes. Brock cant pin as Joe rolls out the ring and when finally he gets Joe in for a pin he is able to kick out. Joe gets control and as he hits the Coquina Clutch Braun Strowmans music hits and distracts Joe. Strowman doesn't appear but Lesnar hits 3 F5s to Joe and gets the pin for the win.


Thanks for reading :)!! Rumour mill will be appear after each show...


Rumour Mill


WWE Are in talks with a number of top Indie talents as they look to increase their depth particularly in the Tag Team division.

WWE are set to release a few fringe talents and unhappy talents.

NXT plan Bobby Roode VS Eric Young as their next fued moving forward.

NJPW will continue the Kenny Omega Vs Okada story. Cody and Tanahashi will feature too

Impact are in talks to sign Jack Swagger

Kurt Angle is not set to appear in the ring anytime soon


Id appreciate any feedback guys as it is our first run :D

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