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Universe 13 (HYPE)

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<p>Universe 13 is an alternate universe mod. Nothing is the same. More to be announced later. If anyone would like to help with this mod please PM me as this is my first attempt at a Mod.</p><p>

Announced company's and stories behind them</p><p>


JCP-Jim Crockett Promotions the most popular company in America and in direct competition with Ted Turner and Vince McMahon's WCW. Owned by Jim Crockett JR. looking to carry on his fathers legacy of dominance his mission is to put WCW out of business.</p><p>

AWA-The American Wrestling Alliance was passed on from Verne to Greg Gagne in 1990 after nearly closing it's doors the company rose from the ashes to become the number 3 company in the world</p><p>

WCW-Championship Wrestling owned by Ted Turner due to the WWF never taking off and dying out in 1988. Ted turner purchased the WWF from Vince McMahon and created World Championship Wrestling. The most financially dominant company, due to the backing of multi millionaire and former president Ted Turner.</p><p>

NWA:Universal-The NWA sunk most of it's money into Bill Watts' UWF and it became the cornerstone of the NWA. Now the NWA is dying post JCP exit. Can NWA:U survive if the NWA dies?</p><p>

NWA:ECW-Eastern Championship Wrestling one of the few surviving members of a dying NWA. Do you have what it takes to bring the NWA to relevance again.</p><p>


PRIME Wrestling-Owned by Canada native and father of PRIME TV Champion Christian Cage PRIME is a relatively new company looking to make it's mark in Canada</p><p>

Puerto Rico</p><p>

WWC:The World Wrestling Council owned by Carlos Colon. The most popular company in Puerto Rico gained Hulk Hogan when the WWF got purchased. Will they be able to do what Vince McMahon never could make a star out of Hulk Hogan?</p><p>

IWA:PR-A member of the small International Wrestling Alliance. Based out of Puerto Rico. They run a lot of Deathmatches</p>

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<p>NEW Companies Added</p><p>


IWA:MS-IWA: Mid South a Local Deathmatch promotion with big deams in the US but with no one having Seen Deathmatch in the US will it be successful?</p><p>

ROH-Run by legendary promoter from the 80's Jim Cornette and partnered with JCP ROH has a great future a head of it with young talent.</p><p> </p><p>


IWS-Insane Wrestling Society The only hardcore promotion in Canada cult sized and getting bigger every day will they ever be able to compete with the Americans</p><p>

NWA:UC-NWA: Underground City is a cult sized Canaidian promotion. They Travel a lot of Canada during their tour months. They are very much a counter culture rebellion.</p><p> </p><p>

Japan: </p><p>

IWA:J-The founding Company of the International Wrestling Alliance based in Japan. Known for gory matches they continue to draw smaller and smaller crowds each show.</p>

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