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SSG - Your team NEEDS you! Perfect timing.

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IF you are a big college football fan there is a perfect storm of reasons you need to be contacting the SSG Sim Sports Universe ASAP.



1. The game we use, Bowl Bound College Football by Grey Dog Software has just recently been put on sale for 50% off! Follow this link to their facebook page to take advantage!



2. If you haven't had a chance to play the game itself it is awesome! A year round journey of being involved in every aspect of the college game, down to recruiting, training, offensive and defensive philosophies, scouting, scheduling, etc......truly one of the funnest sim games I've ever played.


3. The season is right around the corner! What a perfect time to grab a team and join in the excitement first hand and hit the ground running.


4. OUR season at SSG is right around the corner as we are a real time year round sim universe (in EVERY major sport). We are entering our THIRD year! If you have an issue like I do with Wisconsin and Oregon being our first two champions then you'll want to grab your favorite team and work on ending that nonsense. If not...well.....Wisconsin is available!


5. We currently have 16 active members which leaves a ton of top flight teams in each conference to choose from......or maybe even your alma mater!


Here is our current Pre season media poll.



The bottom line is this....there is no new NCAA console game out there that I'm aware of and if you're slightly more advanced in years like me you probably can't get control of the system from your kids anyway. With sim games improving every year you should be jumping in on the wave.


In the past 2+ years in SSG I truly have never had so much fun. A great group of guys I end up chatting with most days regarding every sport and sometimes other stuff. You won't regret it.

Sign up, get out there, and pound on the teams you hate. Make your fans and boosters proud.


SSG - Bowl Bound College Football - Glory - it's all calling your name.


Go to http://www.simsportsglobal.com now and fill out an application.

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