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Lucha Underground - The Temple of Violence

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The Temple is back for Season 4.


The previous Ultima Lucha was a game-changer for Lucha Underground, as many rivalries were resolved, and many more were ignited. One thing is for sure, the Violence never stops.


Johnny Mundo, Lucha Underground Champion, defeated Rey Mysterio Jr., in a Title vs Career match. Now Rey has left the confines of the Temple with his son in tow. But he leaves knowing that his pupil, Dragon Azteca Jr., will continue to honor his legacy and make a lasting impact.


But wait...


Mundo has relinquished the title! He and Taya attempts to leave the Temple, with the reason of Mundo feeling that he has outgrown Lucha Underground. Dario Cueto, the owner of the Temple, does not let things go Mundo’s way, and subsequently fires them! Dario only plays by his rules, no one else’s.


These turn of events leaves the Worldwide Underground in disaray, as even Mundo’s now former compatriots, Jack Evans and PJ Black, aredisgusted by his behavior of leaving, and opts to stay at the Temple. Believing they can find greater success than they had with Mundo, Evans and Black searches for a new recruit. Can Ricky Mandel, their intern, prove himself, despite his recent shortcomings? Or do they need to search somewhere else?


Evans and Black may have run in to some trouble, as Angelico looks for payback after they almost cost him his career by injuring both of his legs at Ultima Lucha. His allies, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse have their own issues to deal with, with Son of Madness constantly lurking by Havoc’s side, costing him a match against Evans at Ultima Lucha, and Ivelisse who is out for closure after being dumped by Jeremiah Crane, who has his eyes set on Catrina.


A triple threat match involving Crane, Mil Muertes, and Cage, ran wild. Catrina’s interference brought Mil Muertes victory by pinfall on Cage. Catrina did not intend for this to happen, as she was plotting for Crane to win. Tensions are boiling, as Mil plots to destroy Crane so that Catrina sees that Crane is not as strong as he is, and Cage looks for revenge on Catrina after costing him a monumental victory, by attempting to take out both Crane and Mil, therefore foiling her plans


Elsewhere, a match between Fenix and Marty goes awry, as Marty accidentally stabs a fork to his sister, La Mariposa, the same fork he used to assault Fenix with. Marty blames Fenix, and is out for blood.


In a Last Lucha Standing match, Killshot barely defeats his arch-rival Dante Fox¸but after the match, Killshot helps Dante up, and it seems that the two have finally settled their differences. Unfortunately, trouble looms as a trio of new luchadores attempt to make their mark in the Temple, and has their eyes set on Killshot and Dante. But why?


The Gift of the Gods championship is up for grabs, as The Rabbit Tribe each hold one medallion, and The Mack holds one medallion after winning it in a 10-Man Battle Royal. King Cuerno has decided that he has been overlooked for far too long, and aims to win the title so he can reclaim his position at the top of the food chain and become Lucha Underground Champion. Texano, who has a fondness of the Beautiful Brenda, reluctantly accepts Famous B’s managerial services, and looks to also retrieve the belt.


The seemingly brainwashed Drago still holds the Trios championship alongside Pindar and Vibora, his so-called "brethren" in the Reptile Tribe. Kobra Moon, seemingly unhappy as her entire tribe failed to gain anything sufficient ,at the Cueto Cup, resides in the fact that they still have the Trios titles. Who can stop them? After being fed by him to Pentagon and having his arm broken, will Aero Star give up on trying to bring back his friend? Or is this all an elaborate plot by the Time Traveler?


Captain Vasquez, who recently made a deal with her daughter Catrina to retrieve the Gauntlet worn by Cage, is at a standstill. Officer Reyes had his cover blown by now double-agent Joey Ryan. Cortez had a match against Ryan, but ended in a no contest after the two were counted-out. They were last seen brawling outside of the Temple.


Prince Puma, the winner of the Cueto Cup, was unable to cash in on his well-earned title shot, as Pentagon Dark, the luchador he defeated for the cup, assaulted him, and broke his arm before the match began. Defeated and deflated, Puma looks to regain his pride and rid himself from all the corrupt teachings from his former masters. His first task: taking revenge on Pentagon.


What events will transpire at the Temple? Which luchador will stake its claim as being the best? Find out and tune in, to Lucha Underground.





Heya! I'll be running the promotion "Lucha Underground" if you haven't read it already:) I've always adored their universe where everything sort of intertwines and everybody interacts with everybody, and people remember past stuff that they've done to each other. Hopefully i can keep up that trend.


Also, a few notes.


-It's kind of weird how Lucha Underground does not require active storylines to run in their product definition. I guess i kind of understand, with the aforementioned universe where everybody eventually faces off against everyone.

- The "previous Ultima Lucha" stuff that i tell about are not actual results of any kind, only some ideas that i had that i feel would advance the story. If there are any resemblance to how the REAL Ultima Lucha conspires, they are purely coincidental:)

- I am using the brilliant Fleisch Real World mod, the July version, which you can find here. http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=533463

- A few workers are gone, notably La Mariposa, Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, Rey Mysterio Jr., and Vampiro, due to them either not wanting to sign a contract or having signed a written contract somewhere else. Hopefully i can replace them adequately.

- Thanks for reading and/or posting! Any feedback, suggestions, criticisms are welcome! This is only my 1st post of any kind of self-made story in any forum, so hopefully i can keep up with the other brilliant stories/dynasties here:)

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Season 4 Episode 1 Results




Lucha Underground

Attendance 1,148

Held: Wednesday, Week 1 September 2017



The show opens inside Dario Cueto’s office, who is pacing around, looking a little confused as to who will be his champion. All of a sudden, Pentagon Dark enters the room. Not saying anything, he points to the title currently placed on Dario’s desk. Dario points out that one of the reasons of the vacant title was Pentagon’s attack on Prince Puma, rendering him unable to cash in his well-earned title shot after winning the Cueto Cup. He claims that the Cueto Cup he has worked hard to conduct has been devalued, but just before he could finish what he was saying, Pentagon slams his hand on the desk, startling Cueto. Cueto says that he can’t just hand over the title, and Pentagon gets close to his face. Slightly intimidated, Cueto finally gives in...and makes a match between Pentagon Dark and Prince Puma for the title, as soon as Puma is able to get back in the ring. The camera zooms in onto Pentagon’s face, as the scene cuts out to Dario Cueto’s office door.

Segment Rating : 61


We are taken into a locker room, where we see Jack Evans and PJ Black. Evans damns Johnny Mundo for departuring Lucha Underground with Taya, and asks what they are going to do now.

Before Black can answer, Ricky Mandel is shown, calling out “guys, guys!” as he runs towards Evans and Black. Evans asks him what is he doing, and Mandel points out that the Worldwide Underground still has enough members, and says that he is and adequate replacement for Mundo. Evans and Black let out a slight chuckle. Black points out that before he can go jumping the gun, he has to prove himself worthy. He als points out that Mandel has a match with Jeremiah Crane coming up, and this is achance to prove himself. “If you don’t, well...i don’t think we really have any use for you anymore.” claims Black. Evans says “alright then, go (shooing motion)”, and Mandel leaves the room, somewhat excited. “You think the kid can do it?” asks Evans. Black just chuckles, muttering “nah”. The camera zooms out from the two and we are shown the Lucha Underground logo.

Segment Rating : 37


We are taken into the temple’s arena, where Matt Striker welcomes the Believers back into the Lucha temple. The camera moves around to get a shot of the surrounding crowd, who are shouting “LUCHA! LUCHA!” with clapping and cheering heard. The crowd is visibly excited. The camera then cuts to the announce desk where Matt Striker and Billy Kirkwood, the replacement for Vampiro, are. Striker first wishes Vampiro a healthy recovery after a beatdown he suffered at the hands of Mil Muertes at Ultima Lucha, but he also points out that Vampiro should have learned his lesson, and not to provoke the man of a thosand deaths. He introduces Vampiro’s replacement, Billy Kirkwood, who says that he is ecstatic to be here. He wishes Vampiro a speedy recovery. He also says that he is very excited to finally be able to see the temple and the luchadores in person, believing that “everyone has their eyes on the temple”. “Well, without further adieu, let’s get into the action,” claims Matt Striker.


Melissa Santos introduces the participants of the next match, Jeremiah Crane (who is accompanied with Catrina) and Ricky Mandel.


The match begins. Striker calls the action while Billy provides colour commentary. Billy points out that Crane seems to be more motivated with the presence of Catrina, and Striker says “wouldn’t you?”. Billy says that Crane needs to have an eye behind his back, noting that Mil Muertes and Cage has targeted him. Striker also points out that Mandel also has a chip on his shoulder and is on a mission to prove that he’s not someone to be taken lightly.

Unfortunately, Crane is just too motivated, and the presence of Catrina helps seal Crane’s victory.

Jeremiah Crane def. Ricky Mandel after a Cranial Contusion, a Double Underhook Piledriver.

Match Grade : 37


Crane stands over the fallen Mandel, and Catrina joins him in the ring.

Before they are able to kiss, Mil Muertes appears from out of nowhere and assaults Crane. Catrina runs to and climbs up the stairs, while Muertes decimates Crane in the ring. Flatliner, Flatliner, THREE Flatliners. “Somebody stop him!” shouts Billy on his desk, “why don’t you do it!?” says Striker. Mil looks up the stairs, his eyes widening after spotting Catrina who is atop the stairs. Catrina flees, and Mil’s music plays as he crouches down, looks at Crane, looks down, and we are shown the Lucha Underground logoas the camera cuts to commercial.

Segment Rating : 45


We return after the commercial break, as Melissa Santos announces the participants of the next match.

Argenis comes first, and Marty Martinez comes second. He runs down the ramp like a mad man, and attacks Argenis before the bell rings. “He (Marty) looks like he hasn’t had a minutes rest!” points out Billy. The bell rings, and Marty is still shown beating down Argenis in the ring. “Look at the rage in his eyes, he’s pissed.” Billy claims, as Striker explains that his newfound aggression is because of what happened at the previous Ultima Lucha, where he accidentally stabbed Mariposa with a fork, intending to aim for Fenix. That led to Marty’s defeat, and Mariposa being sidelined. Striker points out that he blames Fenix for these turn of events, and is out for his blood. Argenis put up a good fight, but Marty basically dominated him.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez def. Argenis after Multiple Curb Stomps.

Match Grade : 42


Marty wastes no time celebrating in his victory, and quickly runs up to Cueto’s office. He opens the door violently, as Dario is visibly surprised. Marty closes the door, and demands, “Give. Me. Fenix.” Dario looks at Marty, and says “you just had a match, i don’t think this is the appropriate...” SLAM! Dario is taken aback as Marty slams the fork he accidentally used to stab Mariposa with onto Dario’s desk. Marty looks visibly shaking. “I’m sorry, about your sister. But my hands are tied, i...” “AAAAAAAAH!” screamed Marty, while repeatedly slamming Dario’ desk. “OKAY! OKAY! You get Fenix! Not tonight, but you WILL get him. I PROMISE you.” says Dario while holding his hands, motioning Marty to stop. Marty stops slamming the desk, and Dario is shown walking towards his office door, opening it for Marty. Marty breathes heavily, takes the fork from the desk, slowly turns backwards, and walks out of the office, while never losing eye contact with Dario. Dario then closes the door, and lets out a sigh, as he is shown tidying up his suit, while looking at the damage Marty did to his desk. Then the Lucha Underground logo shows, and we are cut to commercial break.

Segment Rating : 51


We return to the ring, Melissa Santos announces that this is the main event, and introduces Pentagon who is already in the ring, where he is holding a mic. He speaks in Spanish. Pentagon claims that since he took out Prince Puma, HE should be the champion. Pentagon claims that his master have failed him, and he is now his own master. He claims that he may not have fear, but he has struck fear into Puma, pointing out that he is not here. Matt Striker informs us that Prince Puma has been sidelined when at Ultima Lucha, Pentagon assaulted Puma before he is able to cash in his title shot after winning the Cueto Cup. Pentagon continues to berate Puma, calling him a fear-stricken coward, until Dragon Azteca Jr. intervenes. Billy points out that Dragon Azteca Jr. may have heard enough, and that he won’t stand by as he continually mocks his ally. D.A Jr. runs down the stairs while being introduced by Melissa Santos as Pentagon’s opponent. The match begins.

Segment Rating : 49


They start off with a fast pace. Striker points out that Azteca’s mentor, Rey Mysterio Jr., has left the Temple after losing in a Career vs Title match at Ultima Lucha. He questions if Azteca can finally branch out on his own, while Billy points out that Azteca has learned a lot and is a supreme athlete, but Mysterio’s departure may have left Azteca directionless.Ultimately, although Azteca put up a VERY good fight, he makes a mistake and Pentagon is able to take advantage and take the win.

Pentagon Dark def. Dragon Azteca Jr. after a Fear Factor, a Running Package Piledriver.

Match Rating : 48

The show ends with Pentagon Dark standing in the ring, exclaiming “CERO! MIEDO!” with the fans joining in, chanting “CERO!” “MIEDO!” Striker signs out the show, and the Lucha Underground logo is shown, as the show ends.

Show Rating : 40
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