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hi everyone, this is my first post here, im new to this site and game (i just started playing it last week). but heres my question (and im sorry if this has been repeated many times, i went back to the start of this forum and looked at a few pages and there seems to be nothing), anyways here it goes; how do you start up a show or a tour? i clicked on advance on the day it says i have a show but it just simmed the showed with no matches or anything, (good news is i saved money), but i would like to know how to work a show where i can book the matches, and tell the road agent who to have win. TEW 2010 is a bit easier, but this is more fun other than the part where i cant book the card. any tips on how to start a region company would be awesome, and which style is best suited for each match, like i know a technician would be submission.
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