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Using Templates for league play?

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I'm starting a league with some friends and am trying to come up with a good way of creating a large number of fighters with relatively equal fighting ability using the templates or any other system that will not completely overwhelm my friends before we even begin.


We've decided we wanted top notch (slightly unrealistic) fighters that can cross disciplines effectively but leave room for fighter diversity. The system I was trying to use was that each player could pick 9 points to put into templates so they could specialize and be a "world class" boxer and be "great" in grappling or be "good" in 3 disciplines for example. The problem I'm having is some templates seem to be much stronger than others and world class templates come out way ahead of anyone trying to be more balanced.


Has anyone ran a league or built a custom database that has a decent way of making somewhat equal characters that wouldn't mind sharing your method? I don't mind putting in some work to make this happen by allocating X amount of points or whatever it may take.


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. :)

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