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Your Wrestling Universe

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I been playing TEW games since I found TEW13 years back and I been using the demo games to get a feel for the landscape. After buying the retail version of both 13 and 16, I used and love the real world database to create my vision of an awesome time.


My company: Top Championship Wrestling

(in character) after my media group, Blac Corp Media, decided the company was bleeding money they decided to end the company only for I, Mr. LMD, brought it back. TCW is the number one ranked promotion in the world due to the media group in-game fame (i know it's not real, just go along with it).


Currently I have three brands: Experience, Women Championship Wrestling, and Live! in that order with Experience being the "A" show for the middleweight and up, Live! being the lightweights, and WCW being the women's brand.


Despite each brand having their own show, there's a supercard show called Fight Night Live! which is a non-PPV supercard for wrestlers across any brand to wrestle.


My championships are:



TCW InterNational Championship

TCW World Heavyweight Championship

TCW World Tag-Team Championship



TCW Women's Weight Championship (TCW title)

TCW Women World Heavyweight Championship

TCW Women World tag-team championship



TCW G1x, or Global One Extreme Championship

TCW World Heavyweight Championship



Disco Havoc Championship (money in the bank title)



Pureweight Championship (NJPW inspired NEVER weight championship

Pureweight Tag-Team Championship


My Alliance: Darc Cross Alliance

-Since I' m the biggest of all the members, I share my money with the rest of the members to keep their afloat and show great love for them all.


-I sometimes give 100k if a certain member has a worker they might wanna loan out.


-There are no borders over a region, allowing everyone to operate in each other area with the agenda of making money and growing.


Note: When i operated the original TCW, I was in an alliance with CMLL, ROH, and NJPW, but left as I didn't feel those companies offer many wrestlers to my roster and therefore they hate me still.




Capital City Championship Combat or C4


Lucha Underground

Michinoku Pro Wrestling





Wrestle-1 (I own W-1 After it was falling on hard times and continue to operate as an independent company despite being a developmental company)





To all the future commenters and lovers of this game, how special and fun is your current wrestling universe?

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