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<p>Depends on what database your using and what the date is, but assuming it's the start with the default database the best 10 fights I think would be:</p><p> </p><p>

Main Event: James Foster vs Tim Boyer II (Heavyweight belt)</p><p>

Co-Main Event: Matthew Dean vs Neil Napier (Middleweight belt)</p><p>

Brandon Sugar vs Sean Morrison (Lightweight belt)</p><p>

Lawrence Herringbone vs Linfield Ballard (Light Heavyweight belt)</p><p>

Bobby Brubaker vs Rufus Stevens (Welterweight belt) </p><p>

Raul Hughes vs Rav Kapur</p><p>

Julio Regueiro vs Nathan Chambers </p><p>

Patrick Thomas vs Maarten De Vries</p><p>

Anthony LeToussier vs Marlon John </p><p>

Spencer Rubenstein vs Ricky Heath</p>

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