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Licenses for every GDS game just randomly expired.

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So yeah I have purchased copies of TEW2013, 16, WMMA3 and WMMA4 and i get an window popping when i open each game with a "yellow triangle with an exclamation mark" image and then the numbers 4 and 5 on top of one another(and sometimes its 5 and 5), then it goes to the elicense screen and it says your purchased license has expired.


I'm updated to the latest patches on everything so I'm certain thats not a problem. I did update Windows recently but i didn't have this problem crossing over from windows 8 to windows 10 as the sticky implied (or with any previous Windows updates after installing 10 for that matter), so I'm wondering if its something else? Anyone else having this issue?


EDIT: Sent an email to Scott after scanning the tech support sections some more and noticing thats what i should've done to start with (whoops). Seriously though, anyone else had this? Googling seems to show people having this issue and posting on an individual game board but this is for every GDS game i've had, weird.

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