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Galactic Warfare WorldWide

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GWW is coming back with a different twist to it this time. Galactic Warfare Worldwide (formerly Galactic Warfare Wrestling) was a role play hybrid for any and everything to happen. It started in the year 2014. Pop culture icons would battle each week in various different multi-verses for the illustrious Power Ring. Since time travel doesn’t exist, finding a replacement for your own corpse seemed to prove impossible. However, there’s always a couple dragon balls to rub or a shooting star to wish upon.


A small recap of hidden season one:

-Ben 10 becomes the first holder of the power ring.

-The Ebola virus gets into the hands of North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Un.

-Johnny Bravo becomes the first major victim of Ebola.

-Emperor Palpatine passes away as King Plank (yes, the wooden piece from Ed, Edd, and Eddy) claims galactic supremacy.

-An epic duel leads to Light Yagami being trapped in the book of life by the undefeated Jesus.

-The Joker shrouds himself as Batman

-Darth Revan returned to kill White Lantern Superman.

-A lego dimension causes an inter-galactic war.

-The Great LEGO War ends with Kim Jong Un claiming the Power Ring.


You can see a bit of what you missed from seasons 2 & 3 here.

Original Page link: https://www.facebook.com/Galactic-Warfare-World-8480103819…/


So with that, Galactic Warfare WorldWide will return for 10 episodes per season using TEW 2016. If you have any suggestions for characters, list them down below. You don't have to stress too much about the previous seasons as they will all be combined to make itself into season 0 (the lost tapes). Also, shout out to Crayon for the 9000Verse and Fleisch for the DiabloVerse. Their mods are what made this happened. The first two episodes will be a little messed up on the forums since they were made for a video dynasty first. From those two, I'll be able to see how I can format the rest and with any advice given out.


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