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WCW 1992: Life after Herd

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This is a rework of an old project that I am giving another shot


Ok so I am not going to put a huge convoluted back story as this diary is more of a personal thing as growing up as a kid in the UK meant you had to have SKY to watch the WWF after ITV pulled World of Sport, that was until WCW came along. From a wrestling standpoint I think its fair to say that the promotion was suffering from an extended period of terrible booking by Ole Anderson and Jim Heard.


At this point in history The Dangerous Alliance are running amuck through WCW with Ravishing Rick Rude defeating Sting for the US title at Clash of Champions XVII following an attack by Stings former friend Lex Lugar earlier in the night to keep Sting away from the WCW Championship. Stunning Steve Austin has held on to the TV title since defeating his now Dangerous Alliance cohort Bobby Eaton in May 1991. Speaking of Eaton he has formed a team with Arn Anderson and are current top contenders for the world tag team titles held by a recently returning Ricky Steamboat and Dustin Rhodes who defeated Anderson and Larry Zbyszko back at The Clash of Champions when Steamboat returned as the replacement for the injured Barry Windham who is seeking revenge on Zbyszko.


The US tag team title picture sees The Young Pistols embroiled in a rivalry with the former champions The Patriots having won the titles in controversial fashion in December. WCWs newest title is The WCW Light Heavyweight title which Flyin Brian won in a tournament defeating Richard Morton at Halloween Havoc 91, only to go on to drop the title to Japanese sensation Jushin Thunder Liger Xmas night in The Omni.


Other notable rivalries include Van Hammers rivalry with Cactus Jack after Jack used hammers own guitar to defeat him at The Clash of Champions. While The Steiners look to re-establish there position in the tag team division however they are not the only team looking to establish there position as Harley Race has set his sights on the tag team division with the massive duo of Big Van Vader and Mr Hughes.


So who you ask is running this crazy train.....




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