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Custom CAW Database - CAW's Needed

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Hey Guys, I have a YT series I'm planning which requires the use of some CAW's made by you guys! The premise of the save is that our created wrestlers will enter the world as free agents, and year by year I will track their progress, seeing where they go, what relationships are formed and any championships they win along the way. I'm looking for 11-15 workers but I am willing to extend if people are interested. All workers will be set to 18 years old and will debut in January 2018.

I will need:






Body Type:


You will also have:

1500 points to spend across the 24 in ring skill categories (Everything from Brawling to Menace, not including Announcing through to Reputation)

120 points to spend on Heel/Face Performance

420 points to spend Gimmick Performance

Any Personality/Lifestyle things you want

You can either reply to this thread with your worker or send me the info on twitter: @MikemanwbaFM

Feel free to leave any questions as well, I'll try to answer them as soon as possible :)

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Here be one for ya



Name: The Who

Gender: Male

Race: White

Nationality: English

Style: Technician

Body Type: Toned

Size: Lightweight


Personality Template: Free Spirit


In Ring Skills


Brawling: 60

Puroresu: 30

Hardcore: 60

Chain Wrestling: 75

Mat Wrestling: 75

Submissions: 45

Aerial: 40

Flashiness: 60


Performance Skills


Basics: 80

Psychology: 80

Safety: 70

Consistency: 70

Selling: 70


Physical Abilities:


Athleticism: 70

Power: 45

Stamina: 70

Toughness: 80

Resilience: 80


Entertainment Abilities and On Camera Qualities


Microphone: 70

Charisma: 70

Acting: 60

Star Quality: 70

Sex Appeal: 45

Menace: 25


Gimmick Performance Skills:


Face: 50

Heel: 70

Cool: 60

Cocky: 90

Crazy: 45

Legitimate: 45

Comedy: 20

Weasel: 10

Brute: 60

Weird: 20

Wholesome: 70

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