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Returning from retirement contract demands

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First off, awesome game. I am loving it.


I am playing as SIGMA and Jaromir Grygera retired on me. I was paying him $6,000 per fight becuase BCF tried to sign him. I immediately asked him to come out of retirement and he agreed.


So when he unretired, I no longer had a contract with him. No biggie. I sign him immediately. I was able to sign him for $3,300. It feels like I should be paying him at least the same (if not more) to coax him out of a week long retirement.


It seems like this could be be handled by making contract demands of recently retired fighters equal to their last contract. Either that or when a fighter retires, he takes significant time off before even considering to come back. (he's coming back because he needs a paycheck, or he's not quite the draw he used to be.)

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