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SWF Belt Request

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Hi GDS, long time browser. I read the guidelines for this forum and there don't seem to be any rule against creating threads specifically for a request like this, nor a thread for it.


So after a struggle that began way back when I first started playing TEW (would've been 05 but a few years more recently than that), I'm finally having a good run as one of the top US promotions. Aside from this one, they've always ended no later than a week after the first PPV while this has seen me get through half the year with continued motivation to play.


In this game Jimmy Hernandez has re-adopted his Mainstream moniker and plays it up sort of like a Miz-type character, though with more charisma and likeability (Miz is a great heel). Having won the North American title from Squeeky McClean to begin his big run, I had Hernandez change the belt a la John Cena, but he also renamed it the Mainstream American title - the SWF's fighting champion approach to a TV title.


My request is for a belt that follows suit with the rest of the default belts, but captures both the TV and, mostly, the US nature of the title.


Thanks for anyone who takes a stab at this!

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