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hi im new to the forums but ive bin playing for along time, so i wanna have fun by interacting with the community of TEW so am gonna start a livestream, hopefully to get a few viewers to interact with me via the chat, :D drop a comment if you would watch or attempt to watch the livestream if i started it?

if i do start the stream im thinking about starting it tonight or this week and for the people who start watching the stream they will always be the previous episode of the stream always on my channel to watch

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdDsvexHqKWh6nDGY9OXV7w that is the channel i will be using to stream off, and anytime i do stream and i will say im going live on the forums anyway but if you wanna sub the channel sub it





to the creature of this game, you have changed my life, i stopped watching wrestling aroudnd 4-5 years ago,but i got this game around November 2017 and just couldn't stop playing and by the new year i was watching every wrestling promotion from NJPW to ROH so thank you for opening my eyes back up to wrestler and quote..... "professional wrestling is a bit like Santa Claus, in that when you're young you believe in all the magic but when you grow up you realize it's all lies"

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