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Young Lions and excursions

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If you want to force it to happen you can go to editor and change the areas they will work in to include where you want them to go and remove Japan as an area they can work in. Just make sure you then change it back in a year or two. Often I find they won’t get picked up by companies though as they’ll have 0 pop.
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One way I thought up to simulate a forced excursion is through relationships.


Do a talent trade with a friend company from another part of the world for the max amount of time (10 appearances). If they are a regional fed that should mean about a year's worth of dates. After the trade, give your Young Lion max time off (6 months). Et voila you have an excursion.


You can repeat this over and over until you want the forced excursion to end.


Side Note: If the friend company doesn't want to take the worker, try a different friend. Otherwise create a 2nd player character who is the booker of that promotion and just accept the trade.

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