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A "reconsider retirement" option rather than

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...waiting until they retire before asking them to unretire then have to resign them again if they say yes.


It's a little bit annoying when you have a fighter (especially a champion) with 4 fights left on his/her new deal and having just received a large signing bonus to announce his retirement after one more fight, then waiting for the fight to pass then asking him to come back and having to resign him/her with yet another huge signing bonus.


It would be awesome if there was a "reconsider retirement" option available to the fighter interaction page.

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<p>Freezing contracts with retirement</p><p> </p><p>

I think that when a fighter retires their contract should be frozen rather than them becoming a free agent if they decide to unretire. This is what the UFC does in real life, and it's a pain having to go through the resigning process.</p>

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