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Fight engine tweaks

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So far we haven't seen much mods that effectively tweak the fight engine. There's of course the overhaul mods that make the game into a kickboxing or submission sim but you can do that using the attributes without tweaking the engine itself.


Has anybody made some personal tweaks they like to share? It is known this game is more striker-friendly than the previous one which makes for some very thrilling fights sometimes. It's a positive change but it does result in a change in the power rankings, which bums me a bit. Some of the WMMA giants like Fezzik and John just can't cut it in my game (despite their decent striking skills). I thought about tweaking down the striking a little but I obviously don't want to do it mid-game.


I personally up the cut immunity by 15 to lower the level of TKO (Cuts), which was ridiculous in my first game (maybe it's been patched now). Then there's the awesome toggle option for the leglocks. Quite frankly that's all I edited. I'm surprised I stopped there. :p

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