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Dragon Ball Z Abridged Mod

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This is a mod I'm working on for personal use and wanted to see how much (if at all) interest is there, so I know if I should make a proper thread with company introductions and such.


For those of you who don't know, Dragon Ball Z Abridged is a fan based parody on YouTube made by amatuer voice actors and is seriously one of the funniest shows out there, and I mean it. One of the episode in the Namek Saga (or Ginyu Saga, whatever) was wrestling themed (Vegeta even said 'wrestling's fake' because of course he did) and it gave me the idea to do a TEW mod that will definitely ISN'T canon. But until now I wasn't aware of the 9000-Verse mod for 2013, and since that will mean much less work I'm finally going through with this.


So right now I'll see how many are interested. If there's a few, I'll probably just PM it, if there's more, I'll make a nice thread

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