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Title Prestige Keeps Dropping

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So I'm playing the War Of The Worlds mod as WWF and the prestige of all of my belts has dropped considerably after 3 months


Diesel is my champ and has defended in 2 PPV main events and the WWF Championship has dropped from A to B. Now, this is fair enough. Nash isn't the most over guy in the company, his matches aren't great so it's maybe understandable


However HBK is my Intercontinental Champion, is the most popular guy in the company and has been having bouts with ratings equal to or higher than the belt's prestige and the prestige has still fallen from B to C+. The tag belts have dropped in prestige too.


Why have all of my titles dropped prestige?

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<p>Also if you rise up a popularity tier your matches have to be higher to fit the prestige.</p><p> </p><p>

A national level world title will fall if that match isn't 95% rated or higher, if you want to remain at 100 prestige. This is basically a (admittedly sub-optimal) way of forcing you to actually have proper main event level talent fighting for your main event titles.</p>

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Main Event Prestige: 70 - 100

Midcard Prestige: 40 - 71

Lowlevel Prestige: - 20 - 50???(maybe 40 not sure)

Floating Presige: Hell anywhere and everywhere :p


With that said it's comes down to match quality as long as the matches are pulling their weight prestige will either hold or increase. If they aren't then it'll drop. What was the starting prestige set by the mod for the titles? The IC is a midcard title and would be capped at 71 by the game. If that's the case simply make it floating.

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