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NYCW: Age Is But A Number

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Here I am, fifty years old and my prime long gone. I've given the majority of my career to NYCW, and how do I cap it off? By buying the whole damn company outright. I know my area and my company inside and out. Everyone's always saying we're outdated and need to get with the times. My question is what are "the times"? More high risk moves, stiffer strikes, or some other type of modern day crap. I honestly can't say that they're right, but I can't say that they're wrong either. What I can say? I can say that this...is NYCW...and we will never change.





NYCW Rush Hour

January 8, 2016

Pennsylvania Park




NYCW Tri-State Regional Championship Match

Rick Sanders defeated Crockett Tubbs for his first singles championship in his illustrious 28 year career. He lifted the championship to cheers from the crowd of 1200. [40]


Newly Christened COTT North American Championship Match

California Love Machine defeated Andrew Harper to be crowned the first COTT NA champion.[37]


The Ring Generals defeated the team of Politically Incorrect which consisted of Regular Joe and Ricky Turner in a great showing by the debuting team. [42]



Roger Cage hypes up the triple threat between he, Steve Flash, and Honest Frank. He talks about how his opponents are gunning for history by being the 1st to become a 4x Empire champion. He then says that he will NOT be the one to give them their chance at glory and that he will still be the champion after tonight. [46]




Steve Flash vs Honest Frank vs Roger Cage


This match did not disappoint as it was match of the night. Emotions were running high as the fans knew that this was indeed Cage's last night in NYCW thanks to the dirt sheets. Even with that knowledge the fans were swept into the story the three men told. Countless times it seemed as though any man could win at any time. However the closing moments of the show had everyone on their feet. Steve Flash was down and out and it seemed as if Honest Frank had the win in hand as he stalked Roger Cage. Frank attempted to end it but was reversed at hit with vicious DDT. Cage was going for the cover while Steve climbed to the top at the same time. The ref hand came down for one, and then two, and before three Flash landed a leg drop from the top on Roger Cage. Flash then covered Roger Cage as the ref then counted the three crowning Steve Flash as the NEW Empire champion.[48]





Steve Flash celebrates being the only 4x Empire champion in the company's history. His celebration was cut short as Shane Sneer was seen with Cahil at the top of the ramp.[77]



Show Grade: 40


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The first show was in the books and I had introduced a completely new championship in the COTT. Then again I had been quite active because I had gotten around four more promotions to join the COTT including the women feds. With AAA and QAW joining of course we created a new belt for them too that would represent the COTT. The COTT was gaining traction as was NYCW. We ended the month with a small profit of about 7500. The sky's the limit and we will still maintain our image and legacy.

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