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Era Wars (war of the Immortals offshoot) Unfiinished

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I played WOTI on previous versions and loved it. When I was playing, i found there were two things missing for me. Time Decline and star power. I found that certain company/eras had very little star power, as most of their stars were in different companies. So I decided to create an alternate version.


In this version, my idea was literally to pit each company and era against the other. You will find the attitude era, with The Rock and Stone Cold on top, but you will also find them lower down the card in the New Generation Era.


Basically each era, has the wrestler that were there in that period, they are also at the same age they were at that period, popularity and stats too. I also altered the workers habits and personality to match (Shawn Michael's).


Unfortunately, the last time i updated this mod was last year and i cant see me adding to it anymore. It is playable as i took it from the original WOTI mod (which i got permission to use). I have added many people too, so a lot of the top stars do have different versions.


If anyone wants to download to give it a go, feel free. As I say its not the finished article, but as i don't think i will be adding to it. Ill put it out there.


I cant add the picture pack as i think i was using NGO picture pack, but think I had added some pics from another pack to it.


Download is here


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