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Hype Thread: Open Season August '97 :Beta

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Friday 1st August


What's Happening in the World


The United States of American is under the leadership of President Bill Clinton while The United Kingdom is being lead by Prime Minister Tony Blair. I'll Be Missing you by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans is topping the charts in the US and UK. Copland directed by James Mangold is the movie being watched by most while Finding The Dream by Nora Roberts is one of the best selling books. On TV The Battersby Family (described as The Family from Hell) have just moved to Coronation Street in the UK while over in the US the hype of new show South Park set to debut in a few weeks time is sweeping the Nation. Finally if you were gaming you probably be playing Cool Borders 2 or Dungeon Keeper



While in Wrestling



WWF In Your House: Canadian Stampede from The Saddledome, Calgary Alberta saw 12,151 and Main Event pitting Austin, LOD, Goldust and Ken Shamrock VS The Hart Foundation

WCW: Bash at the Beach from The Ocean Centre in Daytona Beach, Florida saw 7851 attend to witness The Giant and Lex Luger Vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman

ECW Barley Legal from The ECW Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania live on Internet Pay Per View was headlined by RVD, Sabu and Jerry Lawler Vs Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman Rick Rude in Steel Cage




The Wrestling Observer Reported (Jul 28, 1997)



WWF would no longer be airing WWF Raw live every Monday (In cost cutting measure)


WWF has decided to drop the shorter, cheaper In Your House Concept of PPV's (again another cost cutting measure)


WCW Nitro didn't air last week so TNT aired a Civil War mini series


ECW suing WCW over copyright infringement (over the Raven and Stevie Richards gimmciks) and contract tampering (Heyman claims Raven was used as an intermediary to lure Sandman over to WCW), Heyman also claimed that Raven was still under his no compete clause when he turned up in WCW, and Stevie Richards was under an intent to negotiate deal with ECW which he asked to be released from due to a neck injury and then signed with WCW




Other Stories Included:-


Nobuhiko Takada again was negotiating to fight Rickson Gracie

This was back on the table and set to happen in October


Masahiro Chono was working working through a broken bone in his foot

Chono picked up the injury during a match in mid July but wouldn't be taking time off


A look back at the importance of 1993 in Wrestling (UFC, M-Pro, Pancrase and K1 all made their debut)


An article about Michinoku Pro and its loss of Stars after booking Jinsei Shinzaki is negotiating to return to AJPW and after Kaz Hayahsi left


Glen Jacobs was off TV and working in USWA ready for his return as Cain


A report that appeared in NY post, wrongly listing a number of wrestling arrests as drug related, the list had come from The Observer but the "Drug related" had been added by columnist Phil Mushnick


Dave attended California Indy match where wrestler Erin O'Grady and Vic Grimes wrestled to the car park, before O'Grady hit Grimes with his car door as the car was in motion


A look at former WWF announcer Sean Mooney


A look back at the death of Bruiser Brody


A review of Sell Out Mid South show led by Ian Rotten


ECW: Barley Legal review as well as a recent backstage incident with Louie Spicolli refusing to job to Tom Pritchard


WCW paid $100,000 to allow Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman to use Jimi Hendrix music as their entrance for Bash at the Beach


Hogan started filming a new movie this month (The Ultimate Weapon)


ICP getting dropped from their record label for being ECW fans




The Wrestling Industry is entering what would become its biggest boom period ever. The Monday Night Wars gave birth to The Attitude Era, an edgier, more adult orientated product as apposed to the more family friendly, cartoonish characters wrestling was know for. With Visionaries Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff at all out War creating millions of new wrestling fans what could possibly go wrong






A database made from Scratch, each item added has been created or edited by myself




Almost 7000 workers (and counting




540 Companies, 407 set to open




258 Dojo's and Wrestling Schools




125 Broadcasters (and growing)




And Numerous fun Surprises




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