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WWE: New Ways!

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Day 1


-Paul Heyman and Keiji Takayama buys WWE.

It was reported that Paul Heyman the former owner of ECW has now Bought WWE itself the No.1 Promotion in the World. Paul Heyman was Backed By His New Best Friend Named Keiji Takayama Who is a Very Wealthy Richman with a Net Worth of Approximatley 30 billion. Keiji Takayama has always been a Hardcore fan of Pro Wrestling but didn’t have the time to Enjoy the Wrestling in his way. It is Said That Keiji Takayama was the one behind the plan to buy WWE. Vince Mcmahon now the Former owner of WWE is Criticised for being a selfish man in the history of wrestling for being all about money and handing out WWE very easily. Keiji Takayama wanted justice and Give the Pro Wrestling Fans something Watchable.


Day 2

The Report Continues Stating that Paul Heyman and Keiji Takayama planned out the purchase of WWE. Keiji and Paul Visited the Headquarters Last Night Where the Deal was Set following that Paul Heyman and Keiji Buys the WWE for approximately 10 Billion, Pro Wrestling Fans were very shocked By the News But Happy at the Same Time as Vince Mcmahon Sells the Company Finally saving the Roster from any talent waste. Keiji Takayama Will also Be Creating a New Subscription Network Called The World Wreslting Network.


Day 3

Reports Suggest That Keiji Takayama and Paul Heyman has Now Created an International Alliance With New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling NOAH. The Pro-Wrestling fans are Now happy to the New Changes Being brought back in WWE. Paul Heyman Revealed That The Alliance Titles Were Created. The Championship were World Heavyweight Championship and The World Intercontinental Championship.


Day 4

The Day Finally Came as Paul Heyman Announced The First RAW, Smackdown and ECW Scedueles and Matches announced. The Raw,Smackdown, ECW Roster are also announced.Titles for The Raw, Smackdown and ECW Brands are also announced.






Bam Neely-Beth Phoenix-Brie Bella-Candice Michelle-Chavo Guerrero Jr.-Chris Jericho-Chris Masters-Dolph Ziggler-Drew McIntyre-Eric Escobar-Eugene-Ezekiel-Jack Swagger-Jim Duggan-John Cena-KaneKatie- Lea Burchill-Kelly Kelly-Kung Fu Naki-Maryse-Mr Kennedy-Rey Mysterio-Ron Simmons- Rosa Mendes-R-Truth-Ryan Braddock-Santino Marella-Shad Gasphard -Sheamus-Shelton Benjamin-Ted DiBiase-The Miz-Tyler Reks-Vance Archer-Yoshi-Tatsu-Zack Ryder.




Batista-Carlito-Charlie Haas-Christain-CM Punk-Cody Rhodes-Courtney Taylor-Evan Bourne-Eve-Gavin Spears-Hardcore Holly-Jamie Noble-Jeff hardy-

Jillian Hall-John Morrison-Layla-Matt Hardy-Michelle McCool-Primo-Ricky Ortiz-Savannah-Scotty Goldman-Simm Snuka-Slam Master J-The Boogeyman -The Undertaker-Tommy Dreamer-Triple H-Victoria-Vladimir Kozlov-William Regal.




Alicia Fox-Caylen Croft-David Hart Smith-Edge-Finlay-Gail Kim-Goldust-Jimmy Wang Yang-John Layfield-JTG-Kizarny-Kofi Kingston-Luke Gallows-Manu-Maria-Mark Henry-Melina-Mickie James-Mike Knox-Montel Vontavious Porter-Natalya Neidhart-Nikki Bella-Paul Burchill-Randy Orton-Sean Morley-Shane Mcmahon-Shawn Micheals-The Brian Kendrick-The Great Khali-The Hurricane-Tiffany-Trent Beretta-Tyson Kidd-Umaga.


Show Sceduele:


WWE Raw: Tuesday, Everyweek

WWE Smackdown: Thursday, Everyweek

WWE ECW: Friday, Everyweek


Titles by Brand:


WWE Raw:


1.WWE Raw Heavyweight Championship

2.WWE Raw Intercontinental Championship

3.WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

4.WWE Raw United States Championship

5.WWE Raw Openweight Championship

6.WWE Raw Junior Heavyweight Championship

7.WWE Raw Contendership Tournament


WWE Smackdown:


1.WWE Smackdown Heavyweight Championship

2.WWE Smackdown Intercontinental Championship

3.WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

4.WWE Smackdown United States Championship

5.WWE Smackdown Openweight Championship

6.WWE Smackdown Junior Heavyweight Championship

7.WWE Smackdown Contendership Tournament




1.WWE ECW Heavyweight Championship

2.WWE ECW Intercontinental Championship

3.WWE ECW Tag Team Championship

4.WWE ECW United States Championship

5.WWE ECW Openweight Championship

6.WWE ECW Junior Heavyweight Championship

7.WWE ECW Contendership Tournament


Day 5

Paul Heyman announced in a Press Conference that WWE will be Holding a Tournament Every Month For the Following Championships for each brands. Keiji announced That WWE Brands Will have 6 Kinds of Champions and The Roster Might Shake Up Every Year. The Championships are Listed is Via Top Prestige. The Golden Prize of WWE are the Brand’s Own heavyweight Championships. The Contender Ship Tournament Formula was Suggested to Paul heyman and Keiji takayam By Their assistant Booker Jim Cornette Where Everyone faces for The Contendership for the title Everymonth in an Elimination Style Formatt. Every month will consist of a PPV were the Championships will be defended.That Was the Report For Today.

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