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Help Me Decide My Next Diary Project

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Hey all!


So I've really been struggling getting back into TEW for any length of time since my ill-fated JCP diary was sunk by Photobucket and their terrible business practices. Lately I've been getting that itch to get going again pretty strongly. I thought maybe a multi-player game was what I needed...but life happened and it never took off (sorry about that @MattShannon!)


Anyway, my most happy time playing TEW was while having a diary going...so I think I'd like to go that direction again. I've narrowed my ideas down to 2 choices and I was hoping that the wonderful GDS community would help me make my choice.


Idea 1) WWF 1991


I did a '91 WWF diary once before but cut it off way too prematurely. I feel like I have some good storytelling left to do with '91 WWF...but it would force me to rely on established talent (such as Hogan, Savage, Warrior, etc.) and would take a long haul game to veer dramatically from history. (That said, I do have plenty of fun ideas that really would take off following Wrestlemania 7). Also, this feels like a dramatically under-served era/promotion in recent diary history here at GDS. I def. have a few long-term programs that I've been dying to play out.


Idea 2) WCW 1992


There are a fair number of WCW '91 diaries active on the boards (shout out to @JamesCasey and @angeldelayette who both are excellent examples!) but I haven't seen any '92 versions. I like '92 over '91 because I like the idea of no Flair and it feels like a totally clean slate to build a new WCW on. I'm really excited about the talent on this roster (Sting, Rude, Vader, Austin, Dustin Rhodes, etc.)...but I certainly don't have the stories in my head that WWF '91 has going for it. Additionally I must admit to being a bigger fan of the WWF tent-pole events (Rumble, Mania, etc.). That might make WCW more liberating on one-hand...or I'll struggle trying to emulate the formula... There will certainly be a lot less handcuffs than WWF...


Long story short, I'm torn between the clear story-telling aspect of WWF 91 and the fresh talent of WCW 92.


All that said, is there one that feels more fresh or different to you guys? Is there one diary that you'd be more or less likely inclined to follow?


Thanks for the feedback GDS!

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<p>Glad to see you back!</p><p> </p><p>

I'll throw my support towards WWF 91. You kinda sound like you have more ideas for it and a bit more love for some of the WWF's ways, and more ideas in mind for it compared to just a really fun roster to play with.</p>

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I would have said WCW 92 but there is a slew of great early WCW dynaaties about at the moment, so of the two I’d got for the WWF 91.....although a third option could always be WWF 92.....I don’t know what date it starts but I’ve always fancied a shot at that.....Flair, the 92 Rumble, Wrestlemania 8.....whatever you go for I shall no doubt be following
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