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Should i takeover these companies?

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I am the head booker of ECW with 362k as cash. I finally turned profitable last month with 5k profit. Hoping to eaen good profits every month now. My prestige is 66 and momentum is 80.


I have the opporturnity to takeover promo azetca (regional company) which has over 45 pop in 3 mexican states for 215k and a Japnese comapny which again is regional and has pop of 44 in one japanese state and pop over 15 in 4 japenese states for 163k.


Should i takeover either of these companies? If yes, which option should i choose?

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Look at game world and if Mexico or japan has a rising economy and wrestling world I'd consider either or those. If you disband the brand you buy you absorb their popularity, but if you keep them as a child company you can get a profit from either of them. Having such low cash as you do I'd probably just leave them.
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<p>Unless you're planning on doing shows there I wouldn't. You'll just lose the popularity since they never see you. If you aren't at least National (edit: Cult)level <strong><em>I</em></strong> wouldn't buy any company outside my own country as I don't see a point in trying to make to much progress in Japan when I'm a regional company in the US. </p><p> </p><p>

This, however, is simply my opinion.</p>

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