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Anyone interested in fantasy wrestling and creative writing?


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Hey y'all! I'm a longtime lurker of the Greydogsoftware forums and I run an Angle fed called GCW. We're looking to recruit some new players who are might be interested in this hobby and our community, we're always warm and welcoming to new members and we'll help show you the ropes so you can tell the inring stories you want to tell. I'll put a couple details below but feel free to swing by our site HERE


We also provide a discord server for communication between players, there is also some wrestling discussion and such in there. Feel free to join it DISCORD


So what is Angle Fedding? Angle fedding is a specific system wherein two players are put in a feud and work towards a match at the PPV. Over time they tell stories about their character through the ring and backstage segments - basically like the wrestling you see on TV


How intensive is the schedule? GCW runs a weekly show schedule - there will always be a saturday deadline for submitting your material you have written and collaborated on with your partner. You DO NOT have to be booked every week, booking is typically a reserve by request system where a card is posted with open slots for you to choose. In the event of a lack of matches, NPC's will be made to wrestle each other to fill spaces on the card.


So what exactly do I submit? and how do I submit it? On a week that you would want to be booked, you may have a match, a segment, or both. There is no requirement that you must be booked for a show. In terms of submitting, you can usually post your matches and segments in the Show Submissions Thread, you could DM it to be over the site, or link me to a google doc via Discord


If there are any other questions, I am available and free to answer. We hope to see you soon :)

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