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Do media groups that own promotions ever leave that company?


For example;


WCW is the property of Time Warner. There is no way to edit this after a game has started. Will Time Warner ever give up the property?


This causes a big issue when trying to pick up TV or PPV deals and they block you because anything conflicts with their coverage area.

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I had this issue in game before and I actually stopped playing the save because of it. My popularity outgrew my Media Group. I think even if you are owned by a media group you should be able to branch out. In real life corporations sell and air shows that other companies may have made. Just recently Brooklyn 99 was canceled by FOX and picked up by NBC who created and produced the show. NBC passed the option to air it originally and sold it to FOX and now it is returning. So I think my wrestling tv show should be able to make something work.
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