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So I'm thinking king of doing an NJPW save, but I seem to remember that the game didn't handle their schedule particularly well. However, since then I've seen some diaries where everything seems to be working just perfectly.


My question is, using G1 as an example, there are 19 shows for G1. How does one tackle That? Just book 19 events and have them show on NJPWorld? That seems too easy.



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It's tricky to have the game handle an intense round of shows like the G1. In real life you have Block A wresting on odd numbered nights and Block B on even numbered nights, with the final on the last night. In real life they also wrestle tag team matches on the nights between them... but I have had a lot of success running this event in TEW by doing the following.


First, ignore the tag matches. Second, run your events 2 nights apart. This gives your guys 4 days between matches and you can end up stretching things out a bit to make sure fatigue doesn't take a toll, as this can lead to injuries very easily. Workers with high toughness are particularly good for these events as they get less fatigue per match, with high resilience preventing workers from getting injured too. This might make your event take longer than it would in real life, but you can also have some nights where both blocks wrestle on the same night if you want to condense the shows a little. I tend to do this for my final night of block action, with the kayfabe reason being that both winners get the same amount of rest heading into the final this way. I also have the workers from the block that isn't wrestling appearing in hype videos, which can help to develop a little more entertainment skills for them all too.


You can air them on any network you want... obviously if you are playing as NJPW then that's probably the way to do it, but for any company running a similar event it doesn't make much difference where you air them. I have found the hardest part of running these events is getting the top guys to take losses... but it's important that they do, as these losses give reasons for people to fight again in future, often for titles and the like. No-one should really be winning every match, so try to find ways to give people losses whenever you can. The "Keep Strong" road agent note is really your friend here, but negative personalities may not agree even then... and be careful if you are loaning a worker in from another company as loans automatically come with Creative Control. I had Yoshimi Mushashibo almost wreck my plans one year when he started throwing that around.


But most importantly... have fun with it. It's a great tournament format to help make new stars by giving people big wins that can raise them to a new level. With some smart booking you can even avoid upsetting workers by having someone beat someone onen step above them... and then someone else... and someone else... before you know it, they are three rungs up the ladder without upsetting anyone, but trying those wins in the reverse order might really upset the last guy who was maybe 15 points ahead of him to begin with (I hope that makes sense).


EDIT: Check out my recent posts in the BHOTWG thread... I have a tournament bracket for running a G1 with blocks of 8 or 10 linked in there, instructions are in the download. :)

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