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Question about worker availability

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For the most part any company that is NOT a touring company it's pretty cut and dry, but companies that are billed as touring companies you need to do a little research on the said company.


I ran across this problem in my current save, I am running ROH and I have a few guys that work NJPW, and it's a giant pain in the ass because they are not able to be used on a majority of my shows due to their commitment.


My other advice too is, which is something I am getting ready to do myself is find out what days those guys are working, and jot it down and basically process of elimination from there, if your show is on a Friday but all the guys you need to work said show are elsewhere you made need to switch to a day where they aren't booked.


It sucks but unless you can sign them to written deals or get your company ranking higher than the other companies you are at the mercy of the in-game world.

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