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WCW Re-born

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Following Vince's major XFL announcement, he looked to procure further funding for his venture. Yet with WWE's stagnating product Vince has looked to other mediums to gain funds. Vince began to contemplate with the board the thought of selling off certain assets, one of which being WCW. In late July following a rather disappointing Extreme Rules PPV, Vince called Eric Bischoff and gave him the opportunity to purchase the company's rights. Former talent and current HOF'er Jeff Jarrett has also offered him the opportunity to run a promotion again. A bidding war began in the background until the start of August when a new 'consortium' of owners were established with Stephen Amell, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff and Cody Rhodes all having a quarter share in the company. This deal would see the rights to all titles, events and former assets be returned to the business entity of WCW and its consortium. Now WCW begins its resurgance on the monday night. The roster will now begin to form as WWE still hold the monopoly in the USA and even global mainstream wrestling market there is a resurging company waiting in the wings.


Note: This med will be set on the Fleisch 2018 August mod.

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