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WCW Rebuilt

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What if Eric Bischoff ran into trouble with an Italian Mafia? What if The Mafia saw potential to make money by investing in WCW to bring it back?


The lore of WCW is this. A group of Mafia members invest time and money giving Bischoff a roster and shows for WCW to run off of. Eric must produce great shows and show his investors what he has. As the audience, We see multiple sides. We see undercover wrestlers as FBI agents trying to gain intel on the Mafia. Than we also see the mafia and Eric confrontation. But just like Lucha Underground. The other wrestlers and personality do not know. As we the audience are the only ones in on the secrets.


Shows: Once a month a PPV, Every Monday and Wednesday are weekly shows.

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WCW Heavyweight Champion- Abyss

WCW Tag- Gangrel and Kevin Thorn

WCW Television- Goldberg



Abyss,Goldberg,Jericho,CM Punk,Cody Rhodes,Daniel Bryan,Dean Smitty(Cult Leader),Domino,George Murdoch,Joey Ryan,Kevin Thorn,MVP,Ted Dibiase,Trevor Murdock,Val Venis, Vampiro.

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