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Hi guys, I am the admin of WSU, or Wrestling Simulation Universe on facebook. I've been on these forums for years and years and have recently found some TEW fans and such and made a group regarding all things wrestling gaming!


I welcome youtube videos and dynasties if you are looking for a new platform and audience! I have wrestling games from NES,SNES, N64, PSX, PS3, PS3, OG Xbox, Xbox One, and Gamecube that I often post videos of. Frequent videos have been Def Jam Fight For New York and just last night I made a PPV using Smackdown@ 2: Know Your Role.


I am looking for active members as well as watchers! Post as mucha s you like. We also double as a wrestling discussion group and you are welcome to discuss current events, old events, post match videos (within reason) and talk with our close knit community. We will be glad to have you, and hopefully we can welcome you to our universe sooner than later!


If this is not allowed I will take down the post!

Thank guys, MSD

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