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Abandoned my ALPHA-1 as it was a little tough not being able to sign some bigger names. I'm opting for a RIZIN save from here on out, id like to outline my plans and see where it fits.


I'm unfamiliar with the company but have just done some small research and it looks like it's a place that hosts the best of the best so to speak. I want to change that. I want it to be the same format as UFC.


My plan is to have mayweather at RIZIN 14 as per (or not) the current plans but I can't find a complete card anywhere online. Would anyone be able to suggest a complete RIZIN 14 card?


After that event I plan on running a couple of tournaments where the winners will face off on the 2019 December 31st card and be crowned champions of the division. I then plan to book as though it were UFC, rankings and champions and all that. Less focused on tournaments so I'll be looking at beefing the rosters up with both veterans and younger talent. I'll do away with super heavyweight and focus very much on the ufc divisions (as I'm familiar with that format). The plan will be to stay in a ring for the time being but may eventually head intona cage.


Anyway, short version. Any suggestions as to roster additions?

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