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Hey everyone,


This is a recent game world I was working on.


Bit of backstory:


Vince McMahon is sick of Raw and Smackdowns low attendances, and the general negative light surrounding WWE in 2018. He’s pumping money into the XFL, and would like a business venture that would recoup some money, as well as helping WWE improve. In a shock move, he decides to sell the rights to WCW, believing a bit of healthy competition will improve his own product, like it did in the 90’s. Hulk Hogan is the buyer, and he and Eric Bischoff start up WCW again.


November 2018


The first Nitro airs, and Eric announces an 8 man tournament to crown a new WCW world heavyweight champion:


Austin Aries vs Johnny Nitro

Pac vs Rey Mysterio

Cody vs Eli Drake

Kazuchida Okada (PPA contract) vs Jay Lethal


Cody gets attacked by Tama Tonga (PPA contract) in the semi finals, and loses his match.


PAC and Okada progress to the final, and PAC goes over. Can’t think of a more deserving world champ.


Other note-able storylines:


Dave Batista is interviewed in ring, by Bischoff. Bisch asks him “what would it take to wrestle for me here, in WCW?”

Batista replies, jokingly, “about $1,000,000 per match”. JBL’s music hits and he comes out with a mic. He agrees to match batistas price, providing he can beat his specially selected opponents. Dave agrees, and at “The Big Bang” he goes over Ryback.


December 2018


Tama Tonga explains his actions by cutting a promo on the Elite. Says he’s pissed that the Elite came over to Japan, ruined his Bullet Club, and then just disappeared like nothing ever happened. Says he’s come to America to destroy them.


Cody congratulates Pac on his world title win. Asks, on the back of him being attacked in the tournament, can he have a one on one for the world title at Starrcade? Pac agrees, but asks what Cody is going to do about Tama Tonga potentially interfering again. Cody says it’s cool, he’s going to be banged up from his match with Kenny Omega. Pac beats Cody, and Kenny beats Tonga.


Callahan beat Marty Scurll at the Big Bang in a hardcore match. Scurll says fair enough he lost to a psychopath in a hardcore match, but there’s no way OVE could beat Marty and the Bucks in a 6man tag match. The match is set, and the Elite go over.


Johnny Nitro and Austin Aries continue the heat they have from their time in Impact recently. Johnny best Aries in Impact, Aries beat Johnny in the tournament. It’s 1 each, and Aries wins the rubber match.


JBL says he loved the Batista vs Ryback match, and is happy to spend another million on Batista vs Goldberg. Both parties agree, and Batista goes over.


Booker T creates a stable called the Truth Nation (similar to the NOD). Says it’s the truth that he and his brothers have been held down in the wrestling industry for too long. Going to start taking the industry back. But, when his teams start losing their matches, he says he needs to do it himself, to set an example. Challenges Rey Mysterio to a match at Starrcade. Goes over.


I played loads more if anyone is interested in what happens next? Appreciate your opinions.



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