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Recruiting problems

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I am frustrated with the recruiting and I figure that I must be doing something wrong or is there a glitch?


I am Marshall and I have modded their prestige to 100. I am in my 7th season and have won the national championship 4 times.


In 4 of the 7 seasons I have not been able to get A SINGLE recruit to commit despite spending huge dollars and nailing the pitches. All the recruits have interest of 5 and below. I thought maybe the problem was that I didn't cut enough players but for the last four seasons I have cut down to the minimum at each position. I have walk-ons starting at multiple positions next season and STILL I have no recruits with over 5 interest in the current campaign. In the other three seasons, everything was normal. I had plenty of blue chip prospects with interest from 7-10 and was able to land at least 13 per campaign.


What am I doing wrong? I get that there are ebs and flows and multiple factors but to not be able to recruit A SINGLE PLAYER when I have multiple walk ons starting, top tier coaches, and a career record of like 90-9. That's not very realistic....


EDIT: I figured it out. I was using an old FBCB trick and setting my assistant coach salaries to $0 to save budget space. That throws recruiting interest way out of wack :)

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