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Air hockey table brand like Tornado in foosball?

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Guest Smith_Ad

Hi, so I moved into a new house, much bigger than the last one which means only one thing - I am making myself a game room! I will have a part for the game tables, part for video games and a bar so I can really call it a man cave. I have picked everything but a game table because I am not familiar with them, except foosball tables and I don't want them.


I was thinking about air hockey, but I couldn't find many air hockey table reviews on the net except this one and maybe two more. So, I was looking at their tables and I really like the Atomic model.


My question is, can I buy almost every air hockey table and be satisfied with it, or should I go with one THE BEST BRAND on the market? Is there any the best brand in the air hockey category? I am talking about a brand like Tornado in the foosball table category.

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