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Input On Upcoming Dynasty

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So, I'm preparing to post my first dynasty on the GDS forums and I wanted some input on what you folks want in terms of how it's set up because it's going to be a massive one.


My dynasty will be base C-Verse. It will be an all-encompassing C-Verse LP. I will be booking all active companies simultaneously to best control the narrative of the world as I can as well as to provide myself a true challenge trying to keep track of several companies at once.


However, posting THAT many companies at once can cause problems with formatting.


If I do separate posts for every company's event, that would mean drowning the thread in back-to-back posts. If I did it in one mega-length post though, it could be unreadable. My ideal way of posting things would be to break things up in spoiler tags, but I don't know how to do that on these forums. Perhaps quote-boxing things to break them up into convenient sections would be better? The last restort option would be MULTIPLE threads, but I feel that would be crowding the dynasty board. On the other hand, it would make thigs easier to follow if you only wanted to follow one or two specific companies.


As well, I want input on what things you would want to be posted. Here's the main things I want to cover every game month.


-Fighter Rankings (what would be best for you? As basic as a simple World P4P or individual rankings for every company? I keep notes on ranking and record for booking purposes, so it's just a matter of what you want to see.


-Event results (Kind of necessary for a dynasty. My idea is to post an abridged recount of the fight. Not a blow-by-blow retelling, but condensing key points and adding commentary from the company announcers to tell more of a story than just the fight results)


-Event predictions (I will be posting the cards in advance and I book MONTHS in advance. What do you want included in the predictions? I can just post the fighter names or go as far as ranking, record, and fight odds if you want to predict an upset.)


-Blurcat.com Breaking News (It'll be more than just the fights. The world of mixed martial arts has special news all the time. Any signings or plans for special events would be covered by the wonderful staff at Blurcat.com. What would you like to see? I plan on breaking news like talent raids, media contracts, and whatnot. Would you like to see flavor pieces like a monthy Fight Talk interview or a Prospect Watch piece as well?)


-Reality TV Recaps (Yes, reality TV will also be covered. I already have the pieces in place for Clash of the Titans 3, I think you'll like it. How in-depth do you want it covered? Obviously a full-script would be a long read, but the simple paragraph you get on the dashboard wouldn't be enough. And isn't the fun of reality TV all about the shenanigans?)


Let me know what you want to see in the dynasty/dynasties. After all, I could play these games by myself if I wanted to enjoy it, but I want the board to have fun with this. Any good show should be made with the audience in mind, and the best way to do that is working off feedback. So what do you want the World of Mixed Martial Arts to look like? Let me know and I'll do my best to put on the best show I can.

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