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Some advice with House of Hardcore / Hardcore Company

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So I'm running House of Hardcore. (Real World Mod)


I have my monthly show and 1 TV show each week on Twitch. All I'm doing is bleeding money and the fans keep asking for crazy matches (I'll get the story that fans weren't happy with no high spots etc) but then when I put on a hardcore show I get moaned at for being too dangerous?


Also how is The Sandman rated 0 for hardcore?! :eek:


Is there something else I need to be doing? My rating is stuck at E and doesn't want to move and I get like 950 fans per show.


My first save with House of Hardcore, I had a TV show and 2 montly shows running.. My popularity was booming but again I was almost bankrupt in a few months!



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<p>The danger is probably that % in the match booking screen. Go to your product and do a data check to fix it. That, or you have the magic clashing settings where your fans will moan if the match is not dangerous but also moan if it's too dangerous. So look for the "average" risk in the match screen.</p><p> </p><p>

A cheap way of going around the risk penalty is to just create a regular match with low or average risk to use in less important times. This is a flaw the game has:No one on their right mind will expect every single match a company produces to be hardcore stuff. Not even ECW or IWA did this. </p><p> </p><p>

The Sandman is rated 0 because of whoever created the mod. Altought I suppose he really shouldn't be doing hardcore matches today(or in any other time for that matter)</p><p> </p><p>

For the rating, check production. If you're running more than one show per month it might be worthwile to calculate wether a monthly expenditure would be cheaper than a per-show one.</p>

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