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Bulletproof: Saskatchewan Canadian Championship Wrestling (The Balled of Bob Casey)

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Saskatchewan Canadian Championship Wrestling



"I am Bob 'F'n' Casey and I ain't afraid of nunna y'all. They think leavin' me outta this god-damned tournament scares me. I ain't afraid of nuthin'. I'm F'n Bulletproof and I'm just gunna kill the winner of this pointless tournament and I will be your F'n Canadian Champion because I'm Bob 'F'n' Casey and who the hell are you." (22)


Annihilus def. Brimstone (9)


Toronto Zombie def. Denver Reeves (13)


Taylor Kidd def. Queen Victoria (14)


Vancouver def. Kirk Drury (22)


"Bulletproof II"

Bob Casey punched out Vancouver after the match.

"That's because you're Vancouver and this is Saskatchewan. But both of you you suck because they're not Bob 'F'n' Casey."


Toronto Zombie and Annihilus def. Taylor Kidd and Kirk Drury 24


This was worth a massive 24. Bob Casey is king.

Vancouver is Tempest Appleby

Queen Victoria is Vikki Victoria

Denver Reeves is Rex Reeves

And remember it's Bob 'F'n' Casey and who the hell are you.

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