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So I wanted to run an idea by to see if it'd be something that would interest people. It's a Dynasty/Diary idea I've been thinking on doing for a while.


The idea is based of finding what happens if a create a new database set the year way back 1900, with nothing in the world. No Companies or workers already set. Doing this before many times, if the Organic option is set on and the new workers are set to high you get a very interesting outcome of the game just making up Workers and Companies.


So I was thinking of doing that for a Watch Diary/Dynasty, where basically what happens in the save I'll post the results on the Dynasty.


With an added idea of whenever a new company appears on the save, people that are interested/watch the diary will have a say on what the company's Product, Championships & Events will be.


So would that be an interesting idea?

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Its a great idea and somehow even intriguing. I am currently doing an autobooker series of 2006 database, I mean I quite love it, may there be the funny or the serious stuff. Its almost close to a Watcher diary but with only one company. In your case its the whole wrestling industry, it would be great if you could start the diary because that's something to see in a while. I am quite intrigued and happy about the watcher's diary!
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