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DBZVerse mod (Hype)

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Okay, so I've been working on & off, on a DragonBall Z mod for a few years now. I'm about 90% finished with characters. It's currently only a one company game world. However, that is for a good reason. I'm using the Narrative option to made in game events happen as they did in the Anime/movies. To the best of my research tells me the events of the Dead Zone movie can be placed into the series timeline between episodes "The End, The Beginning" of the Piccolo Jr. Saga and "The New Threat" of the Vegeta Saga. So it starts with Garlic Jr. stuff & goes from there. People debut as the time progresses. So Raditz would be next & so on. I've got it set up to at least go to the Buu Saga. Things could change, but for now, I'm happy with that point. It can be played really however you want. But my original idea was to have long gaps inbetween sagas. That way the characters can age appropriately. The games narratives alert you when a new saga begins, however i'm aware it can be missed. So maybe I'll add a note to go with it in the download file so you will know when a new saga is starting.

The game still needs work, but I wanted to at least make a post & gauge interest. I plan on playing it regardless. But as a huge DBZ fan. I assume people here would probably like it as well. The lions share of the games character are taken from the 9000verse mod. I however added a whole bunch of missing or glossed over characters that weren't in the 9000verse mod. Anyways, I also wanted to show some of the pictures I've been adding to TEW. All of these pictures have been found thanks to that Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game. I just took the PNG's & combine them to make these awesome looking images.







Those are just a few of the massive amount I am working on.


Here are a bunch I uploaded: https://imgur.com/a/yxtZnxH


BTW, they may look a bit blurry in the links but when you play TEW they look fine.


I had already added all of the pictures for this mod, but I found this Dokkan games picture files & just think they all look so cool that I had to re-do all of my pictures for the mod. Makes me feel like I'm not scumming off of the hard work of 9000verse anyways, so it's a win-win for me.


I hope some people take an interest in this. Thanks for reading.

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